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Here, you will find a list of documents ranging from info about AYUDA, fundraising help, travel info (for VTP Summit and in-country programs), Spanish resources, diabetes knowledge, and more! Utilize these resources to help you along your journey with AYUDA.



AYUDA Core Competencies - what is expected from you as a volunteer

Summary of AYUDA - the AYUDA basics

AYUDA Education and Empowerment - more about AYUDA’s youth empowerment model and the cost of diabetes

AYUDA 2019 Program Catalog - includes organizational overview & volunteer program overviews

AYUDA Videos



How To Join E-course Calls

TeamRaiser User Guide - get your TeamRaiser page up and running!


Travel Information

VTP Summit Overview Travel Guide - prepare for the VTP Summit

Dominican Republic Travel Overview - prepare for your in-country program

Dominican Republic Packing List  - what to bring (and not to bring) to the DR!

Health and Wellness Abroad - necessary vaccinations and how to stay healthy in the DR


Fundraising Help

2018 AYUDA Fundraising Toolkit - fundraising basics and tools to help you along the way, including examples of previous AYUDA volunteer fundraising

SMART Goals and Action Template - make the most of your fundraising planning

15 Reasons People Give

Getting Over the Fear of Asking

TED talk: Emotional Hooks

TED Talk: The Way We Think about Charity is "Dead Wrong”

Video: How to Overcome the Fear of Asking for Money


Tools for Fundraising

Also be sure to utilize the documents under the About AYUDA section when fundraising!

AYUDA Logo - can add to your photos and flyers

AYUDA Printable Donation Form

About AYUDA Card - great to hand out at your events!

AYUDA Media Tips - tips for talking about AYUDA on TV, radio, blogs, social media, etc.

Emma Burke's Fundraising Video - previous volunteer video, great info about diabetes in the DR

Sam Wohns' Valentines Day Video - previous volunteer video, awesome resource to learn about diabetes and how it affects your body

Peninah Benjamin’s Campo 2017 Video - previous volunteer video of 2017 Camp Amigo program

The Story of Ashoka - learn more about our partner in social entrepreneurship


DR Information

Aprendiendo a Vivir - learn about our Dominican partner organization!

Diabetes and the Dominican Republic - an interview with AAV’s founder, Jose Lopez

Video: Empathy vs Sympathy - this is very important to keep in mind in country


Spanish Training

Duolingo - free app for language learning. Great to brush up on Spanish or learn the basics. Join our AYUDA 2019 Volunteers Duolingo club with the club code “YXSGAU”

Dreaming Spanish - a YouTube channel where you can listen to stories in Spanish based on your knowledge level

Babbel - awesome website/app to teach Spanish from scratch or improve existing knowledge

Dominicanisms - some Dominican slang terms/phrases you are likely to hear in country!

Quick-reference Diabetes Terms in Spanish - the scripts and vocab for checking blood sugar and injecting insulin

AYUDA English to Spanish Diabetes Glossary - helpful vocab and phrases to know before coming in country

2012 AYUDA Spanish E-Course Call with Guest Presenters Katie Sevilla and Kelly Francesca:

Click Here to hear audio.

Click Here to download presentation.


Diabetes Knowledge

Beyond Type 1 - has a lot of great info and graphics about type 1 and type 2

Spectrum Depression Article

The Family Approach To Diabetes Management  

Access to Medicine vs Access to Treatment

Improving Access to Insulin: What can be Done?

The Prickly Problem with Insulin

Pediatrics in the Community: Global Help For Children Who Have Diabetes: AYUDA and Campo Amigo Ecuador

Diabetes and Empowerment: A Role for Youth

Being an advocate for diabetes